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What would it be like to create your own reality. To do what you want, go where you want, to be who you want. What if I told can. I am learning to do it and so can you.

We are all free to live as we wish we just don't know it as we are trapped within our limited views of our lives and the various traps of reality. The traps of work, marriage, country, etc.

Follow me as I explore creating my own reality and as I break my own chains perhaps you will as well...

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The ultimate off world destination...the Moon

Finally...a new venture to the moon, brought to us by the Chinese. The Xichang Satellite Launch Center has launched the rover called the 'Jade Rabbit' or 'Yutu' in Chinese.  (in the news)

The moon, besides Mars of course, is the ultimate escape. The reality as it should be by now is that we live on the moon having colonized the moon man years ago. We really need to ask ourselves why we aren't living there already. Imagine the freedom! Imagine the money to be made in space, the tourism. How many of us wouldn't take a vacation to the moon where we could experience low gravity activities. I know the purists wouldn't want tourists trampling all over the place but the reality is it's the best way to get us to the moon and beyond. People want the experience, we, as in the human race, need a new frontier. Space exploration is it. Unlimited resources, unlimited exploration...
Lets focus on creating our reality to include space exploration and space tourism. If you truly want to escape from increasingly tighter restrictions in our world then let get to a new world or two. Imagine the freedom you would have. Get behind such companies as SpaceX and Virgin Air. These are the companies who are getting us there and I'm sure there are plenty other startups out there working on getting us there. 

See you there ;-)

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